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The mechatronics courses are intended to develop a comprehensive understanding and the ability to apply theoretical and experimental concepts in design, optimization and implementation of electromechanical systems posing different levels of complexity. These objectives are achieved by the delivery of electromechanical systems theory, as well as fundamentals of mechanical engineering, computer programing and software.

Examples of mechatronic systems include aircraft flight control and navigation systems; automotive electronic fuel injection and anti-lock brake systems; automated manufacturing systems including robots, numerical control machining centers, packaging systems and plastic injection-molding systems; artificial organs; health monitoring and surgical systems; copy machines; and many more.

Graduates are benefited with theoretical education on diverse technical skills and practical training in implementation of a wide range of systems and applications.


This program provides students with skills necessary to enter careers in design, application, installation, operation, and maintenance of electronic and electro-mechanical systems. Graduates gain skills to analyze, design and implement systems with digital, analog, microcontroller, software, and mechanical components.


The Engineering Technology programs are supported by local industry, who provide most of our students with co-op opportunities at the start of their second year. These typically lead to an offer of full-time employment. 


Program Contact Information

Dr. Seyed Allameh
Professor and Director