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As an Organizational Leadership student, you will actively engage in academic work that furthers your understanding of the theoretical and practical foundations of leadership necessary to thrive in a changing world. You will explore the unique role of human behaviors in building relationships designed for the betterment of organizations, teams, and groups. Furthermore, you will be able to apply your foundational knowledge of leadership to a variety of settings. OL alumni have gone on to advance in careers and graduate programs that challenge them to utilize and enhance their leadership skillset.

Students interested in Organizational Leadership can pursue a bachelor of arts (BAOL), a minor or a focus.

Leaders get their start at NKU


jacqui appel

Jacqui Appel | Online Student

The online degree program is what drew me to NKU. As a full time employee and full time mom, I made the decision to continue at NKU with online courses that better fit my schedule. It was a great option for me, allowing me the opportunity to take one class at a time, and even semesters off when necessary. I am employed full-time as a healthcare manager. The Organizational Leadership degree program has helped advance my leadership knowledge and skills, which I will be able to utilize throughout the remainder of my career, and in my everyday life.

Tara Bailey

Tara Bailey | Traditional Student

I knew coming to college that Organizational Leadership would be a perfect major for me. NKU is one of the few colleges in Kentucky that offer Organizational Leadership as a major and that was a large part of why I chose NKU. I became interested in Organizational Leadership because it provides a wide range of career options. The major is more than just a degree in the field of leadership; it also provides life skills not always taught in other classes. As of right now, I am planning to attend law school after receiving my OL degree. The degree has given me skills and knowledge that I know will assist me with any career and in day-to-day life. 


anson turley

Anson Turley | Adult Learner Programs & Services (ALPS) Student

I was recently denied a promotion because I did not have a college degree. I decided to return to school and was looking for a regionally-accredited, brick-and-mortar university that would permit me to study Organizational Leadership in a classroom setting. I have been working in public service for the last 30 years, the last 10 of which have been spent as a public administrator. I have always found the social sciences interesting and Organizational Leadership is the perfect marriage between my interest and my career goals. I have been in my current position for the last 31 years and will be retiring soon. I will use my degree to pursue my second career.



Program Features


Work-Life Balance

This program is designed to provide the flexibility to complete a degree in a way that fits your needs. We offer courses online, on campus (both day and evening), and during the 7-week and 16-week terms. Most courses are offered each term – including summers.



Hands-On Opportunities

Service learning, student philanthropy, student leadership organizations and competitions, and study abroad opportunities enhance your academic experience and your résumé.


Value-Added Knowledge

A Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership provides students with in-demand skills critical to their everyday lives such as team-building, human relations, conflict resolution, ethical decision-making, emotional intelligence, and the ability to lead people and organizations through change.


Degree Completion

We offer personalized advising to create a degree plan that leverages your unique educational and career backgrounds. Special opportunities may exist for students who have stopped out of school for two years or more and are now ready to complete a degree.


Career & Graduate School Opportunities

The program prepares student for careers in a number of areas including, but not limited to, program management, human resources, change management, logistics, and manufacturing. Organizational Leadership also serves as a foundation for graduate school in a variety of fields.


Non-traditional credit

Students may be eligible to earn academic credit through a variety of non-traditional methods, including: Credit for Prior Learning, Military Credit, internship & co-op opportunities, and credit for workplace courses and trainings approved through the American Council on Education. 


Program Contact Information

Amanda Kilmer
Program Coordinator, Lecturer & Advisor

Founders Hall 555 J
(859) 572-5247 (office)