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Degrees Awarded: B.A. or B.F.A

Graphic design is the communication of information and ideas through visual representation. It is all around us. It touches our lives every day in forms such as packaging, web sites, advertisements, books, movie titles, logos, and signage, to name a few.

The visual communication design program at NKU is designed to develop each student as a creative, sophisticated visual communicator, an engaged design citizen, and a strong, critical thinker. Through a sequentially structured program and a wide variety of creative experiences, students develop their own individual style, career, and personal goals based on their strengths and interests.


The visual communication design area at NKU requires admittance via a competitive portfolio review — after the Foundations and Introductory coursework sequence has been completed — during the middle of the sophomore year. A student must pass this review to be eligible to continue taking courses in the graphic design program.


The School of the Arts combines Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts to bring unparalleled artistic opportunities to current and future students. Our minors come from every college on campus from Nursing to Mathematics, Political Science to Construction Management. SOTA's Prep programs, including the nationally recognized String Project, engage 900 students from children to adults annually.


Program Contact Information

Brad McCombs
Visual Arts Program Head
(859) 572-5562

Candice van Loveren Geis
Visual Arts Advisor
(859) 572-1521