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Welcome to the College of Education

Ginni Fair

Welcome to the College of Education at Northern Kentucky University! Educators at all levels of the education system can inspire students to build fulfilling, productive lives. College of Education graduates become caring educators and leaders who possess the highest level of professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to empower learners in a diverse and ever-changing world.

Education candidates learn through hands-on and collaborative experiences, which prepare them to excel in the classroom and beyond. Our range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, endorsements, and certifications cater to candidates in all stages of their professional journeys. Our accomplished faculty rely on educational best practices, research, and a breadth of field experience to teach our students. Faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting students, through intentional connections and advising, as they Learn, Lead, and Succeed.

The College of Education is proud to support our community through partnerships with local schools and organizations, continuing education offerings, and the work of our Centers. Our College is committed to academic excellence; research supported practice; and diverse, equitable, and inclusive teaching and learning environments. As Dean, I invite you to explore our program offerings, to reach out with any questions, and to consider education and leadership career paths that are accessible, essential, and transformative. Why not join us at NKU on your professional journey? We look forward to working with you!

Ginni C. Fair, Ed.D.

Dean and Professor, College of Education

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THE place for education in the Northerrn Kentucky region and beyond, NKU’s College of Education enriches the education profession by preparing skilled and adaptable educators and leaders who effectively promote the learning of all students and positively impact their schools and communities.


Our students change their schools and communities for the better. They display positive dispositions for teaching and leadership, possess strong content and pedagogical knowledge, and are focused on meeting the needs of a diverse population.

Our faculty possess a desire to continuously improve, embrace positive change, and lead as experts in the field ofeducation. Faculty recognize the importance of a student-centered environment and reflect an understanding of and appreciation for all cultures.

Our staff build on their specialized knowledge and lead the work of creating connections, fostering community, building relationships, and championing innovative approaches within and beyond the college.

Our advisors provide student-centered information, guidance, and support for all students from the time they begin their education programs until they graduate and beyond.

Our student-centered leaders radiate a passion for education and collaborate to support and extend the workof all constituents of the college. Leadership strives to create a more just, inclusive, and innovative educational community.

We engage with our community partners in a relationship that is truly reciprocal in nature. They provide immersive and relevant classroom experience for our teacher candidates, allowing us to remain knowledgeable about the current state of education, as well as to gain insight into the ever-changing skill set needed to be an effective ally in education today.

Our PK-12 students' education draws upon their identities and inspires them to imagine new worlds. No longer impacted by existing opportunity gaps, they experience positive well-being and educational outcomes and areprepared to face the challenges of an unknown future.

In each of our preparation programs, coursework is scaffolded from early courses through culminating experiences toexpose candidates to increasingly complex content and practices designed to facilitate learning and belonging for all learners. Using approaches grounded in current research, our programs prepare teachers and leaders to be adaptive, innovative, and inclusive.

Our graduates are the best ambassadors of our college. They translate the experiences they have in our programsinto excellence in their professions, equity in our communities, and advocacy for our profession. They see our college as the best option for their continuing education, choose us again to further their education, and recommend it to others.

Our commitment is to create a welcoming and inclusive college. This commitment is evident in all aspects of our workwith one another. We understand justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion as the means to creating a sense of belonging for all.


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