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Undergraduate Organizations

CMLA: Collegiate Middle Level Association

Are you interested in middle-level education or teaching young adolescents in grades 5 through 9? The Collegiate Middle Level Association is a professional community of college students preparing to become middle school educators. At NKU, upon admission to the teacher preparation program, all middle grades majors are automatically enrolled in CMLA and become student members of the Association for Middle Level Education, an international association dedicated to helping middle school educators "reach every student, grow professionally, and create great schools." Members can access free and reduced-priced online resources, attend webinars and workshops, and read the latest research in one of AMLEs journals. For questions about about CMLA/AMLE or other middle grades education activities, contact Dr. Shawn Faulkner at

Dr. Shawn Faulkner – (859) 572-1910 –

Early Childhood Club

The Early Childhood Club is for students interested in working with young children, birth through age 5.
All early childhood majors are encouraged to be involved in the Early Childhood Student Club. We meet once a month in the evening with refreshments. We discuss fundraisers, attending conferences, and include topics such as program specifics and the Praxis test. You will also get to connect with a wonderful group of students who will be there to support you throughout your time at NKU. Please join us! Contact this year for more information on dates and times of the meetings. 

Dr. Susan Griebling – (859) 572-7686 –
Dr. Jaesook Gilbert – (859) 572-7629 –

Aspiring Educators

The Northern Kentucky University - Aspiring Educators are a fun, energetic, and passionate family/ organization that is dedicated to helping future educators prepare to enter the teaching profession.  If interested contact Dr. Sara Runge,, or Dr. Eileen Shanahan,, for further information.

Dr. Sara Runge - (859) 572-6126 -

Dr. Eileen Shanahan - (859) 572-5621 -

LEAD (Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and [Dis]ability)

LEAD (Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and [Dis]ability) is a student organization at Northern Kentucky University that focuses on creating an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative campus environment for students of all abilities, staff, and faculty. LEAD provides a community and network of peer mentors and mentees for the NKU SHEP Program, which offers support and fosters strong mentoring partnerships among people both with and without disabilities.

Organization objectives:

  • To offer resources, professional development, support, and encouragement so that students thrive in their individual mentoring roles.
  • To plan student events and activities in order to strengthen mentoring partnerships and engage with the larger NKU community.
  • To provide opportunities for service learning and philanthropy on campus and for the NKU community.
  • To increase awareness of the SHEP Program across campus and recruit new peer mentors each semester.
  • To create leaders and champions of an inclusive and diverse campus environment and community.

Ms. Emily Hellmann - (859) 572-6149 -