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This website contains information on the dispositions of effective helping professionals (teachers, administrators, counselors, leaders. etc.). Included are over a decade’s worth of symposia presentations by teachers, school leaders, college faculty and others from across the country and around the world. Additionally, you will find resources that help explain, measure and grow dispositions. All materials on this website may be used for free in non-commercial applications.

Symposia: At the right you will find a plethora of papers, presentations and video that address the topic of educator dispositions. Click on the links to explore the contents.

Resources: This link contains, among other things, Assessing Dispositions – A Self-Instructional Training Manual for assessing educators’ dispositions based on the Perceptual (or Field) Psychology of Arthur W. Combs as well as a tool to assess your perceptual (or dispositional) rating ability. Successful completion of the Dispositions Training Post-Test can earn the rater a Dispositions Rater Certificate.

Grants: Be sure to see the link for grants for doctoral students who use the perceptual framework as the theoretical foundation for their studies.

Coming Soon: We are in process developing an extensive reference list to facilitate people’s investigation into the dispositions of effective helping professionals. Stay tuned.


M. Mark Wasicsko, Ph.D.

Professor and Bank of Kentucky Chair in Education
Northern Kentucky University

(859) 572-5235