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The Norse IoT club is focused on student-led research and projects concerning Internet of Things devices and applications. We hope to foster a community for students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals who are enthusiastic about the opportunities IoT has to offer.

The purpose and objectives of the club are to:

  • Share knowledge and ideas among students, faculty, and industry.
  • Establish a playground for IoT & Industry 4.0.
  • Develop skills outside of the standard university curriculum.
  • Foster an innovative and entrepreneurial environment.
  • Partner with industry pros working on real-world practical projects.
  • Create an environment for work, tinkering & socializing.

Club members will create hands-on projects with a variety of technologies, such as microcontrollers, sensors, networks, motion, and visual displays. 

Students from all courses of study at NKU are welcome. No technical experience required. The club prioritizes projects that are transdisciplinary, because IoT touches every aspect of lives.


Norse IoT in the Media

Listen to a podcast episode with the founding sponsor and students discuss how and why the club was formed.

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Faculty Sponsor / Founder

Photo of Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer

Chris is the Director of Innovation and Emerging Technology for the College of Informatics, and teaches in the School of Computing and Analytics here.


Chris Brewer's Bio


I am a father of three, originally hailing from Colorado. My hobbies include music, gardening, landscaping, and home remodeling. And all things geeky.


I’ve worked in informatics fields for 32 years, nine of them in higher education. I’ve taught students in every grade from kindergarten to university. During these years, I've worked across industries in diverse roles in communication, software, and technical innovation.

• Created a social advocacy platform for managing, training and motivating teams of social influencers for customers ranging from Apple to Kenneth Copeland Ministries;
• Created a cloud-based public safety platform providing first responders crucial real-time information in times of crisis — protecting communities across the US — and used at major events like Super Bowl, X Games, NCAA Final Four, PGA tournaments;
• Created a multimedia digital education resource for FDR Four Freedoms Park in New York City.

I’ve architected solutions utilizing augmented reality, digital twin, object detection, thermal imaging, edge computing, GIS, IoT, micro-services, cloud computing, and machine learning.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business at the University of Colorado.

A photo of students working on IoT projects
Photo of NKU student eating pizza

The opportunity to socialize, meet new friends, and work with peers in other disciplines in a chill environment is what Norse IoT is all about.


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Photo of a microcontroller and humidity sensor

In this club, you'll learn about the devices that make smart homes smart, EVs possible, and how to build and program them.


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An ESP32 microcontroller is programmed to display the Norse IoT logo

Learn and strengthen your programming skills working of cool devices that can be added to your home, making it smart. Your imagination is your only limit!


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