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NKU Stages Hilarious Grand Tour of Opera Tropes

March 18, 2022
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Opera has returned to the stage at Northern Kentucky University's School of the Arts with “Signor Deluso,” a hilarious one act opera composed by Thomas Pasatieri. The production runs April 1 and 3, 2022 at NKU’s Greaves Concert Hall.

  • What: "Signor Deluso” by Thomas Pasatieri
  • When: April 1, 7 p.m. and April 3, 2 p.m.
  • Where: NKU Greaves Concert Hall
  • Tickets: or (859) 572-5464

Gorgibus is forcing his daughter Célie to marry the wealthy Valère, but she is in love with Léon and he with her. However, a series of mistaken assumptions and quarrelling ensues after Célie faints in the town square and loses her locket with a portrait of Léon inside. “Signor Deluso” is an English-language, heavily condensed version of Molière's 1660 comedy “Sganarelle,” or “The Imaginary Cuckold.”

“Since the 1660s, when the play premiered, as well as the 1970s, when the opera was written, the opera community has evolved considerably,” states director Audrey Chait. “Some of these situations and jokes still work, while others no longer quite land. This is where our role as interpreters comes in, approaching the material with modern sensibilities and a modern sense of humor. We hope you enjoy the finished product!”

The NKU cast features Katherine Sharp (Célie), Trevor Gutu (Gorgibus/Magistrate), Madison Boler (Rosine), Zach Felts (Signor Deluso), Ashley Tinch (Clara) and Jimmy Renton (Léon). The show is directed by Audrey Chait. Other creative team members include Damon Stevens (Music Director), Meg Booker (Stage Manager), Allison Jones (Costume Designer), and Faith Greene (Assistant Stage Manager, Costumes/Hair/Makeup Assistant).