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Master Communication

Student speaker at NKU Founders Day event

The NKU Master of Arts in Communication offers students the opportunity to advance in the application of communication and critical thinking. Coursework and student experiences include analyzing and evaluating the impact of communication on society, in the workplace, and in personal relationships, as well as engaging in basic and applied research, evaluating various forms of discourse, and developing the ability to manage communication across various contexts.

Advocating, implementing crisis responses, directing conversations, responding to global pandemics, obtaining forgiveness—executing communication strategies is essential. And now more than ever, each second makes a difference. Today's communicator needs the proper tools for connecting in the never-ending digital environment. 

NKU's Communication graduate program bridges the gaps between research theory and emotionally connecting central ideas with your audience. Our renowned faculty redefine communication to reflect today's best practices while becoming an active force for crucial audiences—from interpersonal to organizational and business.

We enable students and the region to succeed in today's digitally-driven environment. Through engaging research, we help build your credibility while working successfully as a professional. 

We help you create change!

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Robert Rundle


Alum Spotlight

My biggest take away from the program is the ideology of applying the knowledge gathered from undergraduate studies by conducting research, analyzing theories, and engaging in interpersonal relationships that tie-in with my career path.

Rundle chose to pursue his masters at NKU because of the demographics of the students in the communication program. Pursuing his masters became a goal for him after several people told him he could not make it through college.  

Robert Rundle '20
Academic Advisor, NKU

Why Choose the NKU Communication Master’s Degree?

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Our Program

Offers accessible and conveniently formatted classes for full-time professionals to complete from any location. All of our classes are offered either fully online (asynchronous) or hybrid online with synchronous bi-weekly meetings via Zoom blended with asynchronous online content.
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Our Students

Want to develop an advanced understanding of communication theories and applications, and want to do so through an intensive educational experience in small, highly participatory classes and in directed individualized research projects with faculty members.
Female students posing with their degrees

Our Graduates

May choose to further their graduate education, apply their research, enhance their professional development in organizations, or teach basic communication in post-secondary institutions.


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