About me...

My name is Nathan De Lee, and I am currently an assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Geology at Northern Kentucky University. I am also a adjunct professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University.

I went to the University of Kansas for my undergraduate work majoring in both Physics and Astronomy.  I worked with Bruce Twarog and Barbara Anthony-Twarog on metal rich open clusters. I went on to do my graduate work at Michigan State University working with Horace Smith and Timothy Beers.  I worked on a number of projects including RR Lyrae stars and field horizontal branch stars.  This work culminated in my thesis: RR Lyrae in the SDSS-II SN Survey. My first postdoctoral position was at the University of Florida working with Jian Ge on the MARVELS radial velocity exoplanet survey. My second postdoctoral position was at Vanderbilt University working with Keivan Stassun on MARVELS, LSST, KELT, and TESS surveys.

Major areas of research interest:

Projects I am currently working on:

  • Creating a catalog of Brown Dwarfs in the SDSS-III MARVELS and APOGEE surveys
  • Creating a stellar input catalog for the TESS exoplanet mission
  • Tracing the Thin and Thick Galactic Disk with RR Lyrae from KELT
  • Tracing the Galactic halo with RR Lyrae from the SDSS-II SN Survey
  • Photometric metallicity determinations of RR Lyrae in SDSS g, r, and i
  • Variable star search of the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy
  • Studying Oosterhoff types with NGC 6304
  • Type II Cepheid Project
Nathan De Lee