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Center for Applied Anthropology

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How can this course count towards major requirements at other universities?

This course is an ethnographic methods course and can count towards major requirements in anthropology, sociology, and other social/behavioral sciences.  The official course description reads as follows:

  • Cross-cultural field training in ethnographic field methods, qualitative data analysis, and ethnographic report-writing.

After successful completion of this course, students will have::

  • developed a basic understanding of Belizean culture,
  • formulated an understanding of ethical and validity issues in ethnographic research,
  • practiced skills in research design and ethnographic methods of data collection,
  • applied basic ethnographic research methods in a non-western culture,
  • engaged in a community-based research project, and
  • analyzed ethnographic data resulting in an ethnographic monograph.

For more information, please see the ANT 365 and 565 Syllabus Draft and ANT 365 and 565 Schedule Draft.

How have students used this field experience to further their educational and career goals?

Students who have taken part in this field school have directly used this experience to:

Students who have taken part in this field school have indirectly used this experience to:

  • bolster their application to graduate school,
  • as a study abroad and service component of their resume, and
  • as evidence of the ability to do field research abroad for other anthropological and archaeological field research opportunities.