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Degree Awarded: B.A. or B.S. in Psychological Science

Why do people think, feel, and act as they do? These are the questions that psychology – the scientific study of behavior and mental processes – attempts to answer. The psychology major is designed to teach students about the multiple bases of behavior and to provide the research skills necessary to both understand and carry out research. Students take required courses on psychology’s major perspectives (e.g., biological, cognitive, social) and choose elective classes on fascinating topics such as psychopharmacology, human sexuality, forensic psychology, and sleep.



What can you do with your degree?  A major in psychology can lead to many different careers.

Our graduates have careers as therapists, researchers, educators, and human resource specialists, to name but a few. Their workplaces include mental health facilities, hospitals, schools, businesses, and government agencies.


At NKU, undergraduate students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research. This might involve designing a study, developing measures, collecting and analyzing data, or preparing research reports. Often these efforts lead to presentations at regional or national conferences and/or publications in professional journals. Students who meet certain grade and course requirements are invited to participate in the Honors in Psychology (HIP) program. Under committee supervision, HIP students design and carry out their own research project and defend it in a public setting.

Program Contact Information

Academic Coordinator

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