The entrepreneurship major prepares students for the challenges of today’s fast-paced and uncertain economic environment where competition is based on opportunity recognition, innovation, speed to market, and entrepreneurial drive.

In this innovative degree program, the focus is on developing a needed skill set and an entrepreneurial mindset, as well as creating value in the marketplace. Students learn to capitalize on uncertainty rather than avoid it and embrace the learning that comes from taking calculated risks.

The curriculum is multidisciplinary and designed to give students an opportunity to develop their own creative skills while applying basic business principles to the challenges of starting a new business or growing an existing business. The program emphasizes the applied learning model and its application in understanding companies, as well as profit and not-for-profit organizations. Students have the chance to meet and interact with entrepreneurial leaders in the region and throughout the world.


The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)

The Center has created co-curricular programs that provide the full spectrum for entrepreneurial learning. Students coming from various backgrounds on campus and being at different points in their entrepreneurial journey, can find a program offered by the CIE to support them. This gives students with different plans for their entrepreneurial path to have a program that complements their needs.  

Department Contact Information

Teresa Huddleston
Academic Coordinator, 
(859) 572-6582


Our graduates are in demand- Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create change through their own business ventures or improve an existing organization by adding value through innovation in various settings: 

  • Founder of a company
  • Intrapreneur within an organization
  • Business acquisition
  • Run a family business
  • Manage a small business
  • Consulting
  • Business Development
  • Management within an organization