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Global Supply Chain Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.)


Degree Overview

In today’s society and business world, global supply chain management is critical to the success of almost all organizations. Across service industries, manufacturing sectors and warehousing and fulfillment, the design and execution of an effective supply chain network is paramount to business performance. Supply chain management embraces end-to-end processes such as the successful procurement and sourcing of goods and services as well as operations management across the services offered and/or the design and production of goods. It also encompasses logistics planning and oversight for movement of materials up, down and across the supply chain network.

In addition to the managerial, planning and scheduling aspects of supply chain optimization, effective leaders must also be adept at project management, understanding new and disruptive technologies (i.e. blockchain, autonomous vehicles & robotics), as well as using data analytics to convert information into decision making capabilities. Supply chain professionals must also exhibit strong interpersonal skills, effectively working in cross functional teams, and demonstrate exceptional communication skills.

Our BSBA in Global Supply Chain Management will prepare you to be a workforce ready leader, empowered with critical thinking and business skills that make our graduates ready to contribute to, and have successful careers in, the businesses that engage them. Our emerging leaders are:

  • Technically competent ongoing learners who are experientially and practically skilled in the design, management and improvement of regional and global supply chains.
  • Organizationally savvy with career-enabling skills that make them immediately relevant to employers, knowing what to do and how to get things done.
  • Proactive, anticipatory and adaptable to an ever-changing Supply Chain environment through flexible, agile and strategic thinking.
  • Action oriented, data-driven problem solvers who can thrive in their chosen career paths.

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Global Supply Chain Management Bachelor's Degree

4-year program

Program Availability

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