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The Environmental Education Endorsement program provides educators with the skills and resources necessary to successfully integrate environmental education into their classrooms. By completing the four courses in this endorsement program educators will increase their content knowledge of environmental issues, climate change, and the natural world, improve their pedagogical skills by learning best practices in teaching environmental education, new teaching techniques, and exploring available resources, and learn to become environmental stewards and agents of change.

What You Can Teach

The Environmental Education Endorsement helps increase:

  • Student engagement
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Connectedness to the natural world
  • Comfort level with hands-on and outdoor learning activities
  • Ability to connect environmental education and academic standards
  • Engagement with the community and growing partnerships
  • Environmental literacy
  • Understanding of the natural world and our role in it

Program Contact Information

Ms. Lesley Webster
Academic Specialist, Teacher Education and School Leadership

(859) 572-6330


Our NKU Teacher Education programs are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.



Participants in the Environmental Education Endorsement program will have an opportunity to explore their local area and discover the resources that are available to them and their community.

You will visit and participate in local environmental education resources, such as nature centers and state park programs, you will practice teaching lessons tailored to your specific grade and content area, and you will receive high quality resources for future use with your students.