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Navigo/Informatics AI Scholars

Afterschool hands-on AI workshops for high school students led by Informatics faculty with corporate guest presenters, coupled with career-college coaching by Navigo staff. Pilot launched January 2024 with students from 8 NKY schools, with plans to scale up to reach over 1000 students over the next five years. Pilot funded by the Eva and Oakley Farris Foundation.

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Applied AI: An Interdisciplinary Minor

Designed to pair with nearly any major at NKU, this minor provides a basic foundation in computing, machine learning, and prompt engineering, supplemented with a look into the societal, ethical and legal implications of AI. Electives in psychology, philosophy, and newly emerging special topics classes across all NKU colleges add perspective. Per the Wall Steet Journal (3/6/2024), AI expertise adds value to wide variety of careers.

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AI Frontiers: An Intergenerational View

A series of evening workshops in the NKU College of Informatics designed for professionals and their school-aged children who wish to become familiar with AI and its transformative power. Parent/child sessions run separately and together, and are designed to be illuminating and interactive. The program unites the AI expertise of Informatics faculty with professional talent provided by TiER1 Performance.

Details to follow in Summer 2024.

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Born Before AI: A Lecture Series

With a nod toward the birthday of AI in 1956 at the now-famous Dartmouth Conference that introduced the term "artificial intelligence", this lecture series is designed for retirees and others who wish to understand where AI is taking us. Delivered by expert faculty in the NKU George and Ellen Rieveschl Digitorium, it covers what AI is, its impact on our lives (healthcare, cybersecurity, journalism, ethics), and where it is headed.

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