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The CS&SE program provides various majors and minors for an academic exploration of AI, machine learning, systems programming, cross-platform development, full-stack proficiency, big data analytics, and visualization. Our constantly evolving curriculum is enriched by capstone projects, internships, and collaborative team efforts to ensure alignment with industry trends and prepare students with the necessary theoretical and practical expertise for the rapidly changing tech industry.

Academic Programs Offered


Caitlin Harrah

Tyler Roth

"Since I graduated from NKU, I have enjoyed visiting campus to represent my employer at career fairs and helping transition from college life to their careers."

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Evan Otte

Celine Wardrop

"I would highly recommend engaging with your professors. They can and want to provide opportunities for you to learn, grow, and succeed. Those connections you make will be incredibly valuable."

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Kassi Bourne

Adel Kassem

"By participating in the NKU Cyber Defense team and the ACM team, I have improved my critical thinking, problem solving and time management skills as I got to compete in different competitions."

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Megan Hodory

Dr. Victoria Uti

"One of my fondest memories at NKU was taking my first class in Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Fox. This class ignited my curiosity and taught me the fundamentals of AI."

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Information Systems & Analytics

Information Systems & Analytics

The IS&A programs provide a thorough understanding of information management and business processes, covering topics such as information technology, data analytics, project management, database management, and decision-support systems.

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Cybersecurity & Information Technology

Cybersecurity & Information Technology

Our Information Technology programs offer a comprehensive exploration of cloud computing, computer networks, and cybersecurity.

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Media & Journalism

Media & Journalism

The M&J program offers majors and minors in areas such as Electronic Media & Broadcasting, Journalism, 3D Digital Design & VFX, and more.

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