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Brian Bramer

Brian Bramer

Graduating Year: 2022

Education: Major in Health Communication, Minor in Human Services and Addiction

Share your journey to NKU. Why did you choose to attend NKU?

"Being originally from Louisville, KY I always knew I wanted to venture out and go away to college. NKU was the perfect fit. It wasn't too far from home, I could still go back and visit if I wanted. I chose NKU because of the relatively small class sizes and how welcoming everyone was when I toured. The location is perfect as well. You get the feeling of a small town on campus but you are so close to big cities."

Favorite NKU memory

"My favorite NKU memory was just living on campus my first two years and being apart of a community where everyone was trying to accomplish the same goals. It was a fun experience that taught me how to be independent and I was able to meet a lot of people."

Experiential Learning/Involvement in college

"Throughout my time at NKU, I worked with several different professors in my classes on a variety of research papers/projects. Doing this taught me how to write academically, conduct research and think critically. These skills have been a huge help in my career. I also served as a victor guide for incoming freshmen and worked on campus in the Housing Office for 3 years as a Desk Assistant. My senior year I interned at St. Elizabeth as a Marketing and PR intern."

Advice for future students

"My advice would be to step out of your comfort zone. College can be scary and overwhelming, but it's what you make of it. I chose a major, health communication, that was literally brand new. No one knew what that was and honestly I didn't either, but I wanted to learn. I can truly say that the content I learned in these classes helps me every day with what I do in my career. If I didn't step out of my comfort zone, I would not be where I am today. Don't be afraid to fail or make mistakes and just have an open mind coming into college and you will be successful."

Tell us about your current role and what you do.

"I'm currently a Communications Specialist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. I work in the internal communications department. Everyday I am in charge of the "Connect Daily NewsLetter" that is sent to over 22,000 employees and board members. I gather and write stories, retrieve images, and interview employees. This process happens every day so that I have enough content for the newsletter and website. I enjoy what I do because of how many people my work reaches!"

Tierra Baldwin

Tierra Baldwin

Graduating Year: 2019

Education: Majors in Health Communication, Minor in Healthcare Ethics and Policy

Tell us about your current role.

"I am a Disability Adjudicator I for the State of Kentucky. I develop the skills that are needed to properly adjudicate Social Security Administration disability claims pertaining to (the Social Security Act) the medical, vocational, and legal standards for disability."

Co-curricular activities at NKU?

"Throughout my time at NKU, I was involved in organizations such as NKU R.O.C.K.S, student support services (TRIO), health professions club, Ethics Bowl 2019, Lambda Pi Eta (honor society of the National Communication Association), peer mentor for the Campbell County Drug-Free Alliance Summit at NKU, and student representative for the faculty search committee for the health communication department. I had a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the analysis and write-up of a research article on disability health care under medicaid with Dr. Whittney Darnell."

Favorite NKU memory?

"I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at the University of Kentucky International Center where I was a journalism and copyright intern. I also interned at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield as an inside sales intern (licensed health insurance agent). I had many great memories at NKU, but my all time favorite was having the opportunity to speak at the 2019 commencement ceremony. I will always be thankful for the time and connections that I made during my experience at NKU."

Advice for student?

"My advice to students: In the midst of adversity, always seek to find the upside. Reach out of your comfort zone and always have a willingness to learn. If you have a specific goal you’d like to achieve, write it down, affirm it, put in the work, and most importantly trust the process."

Jontay Brown

Jontay Brown

Graduating Year: 2020

Education: Major in Public Relations, Minor in Management

Tell us about your current role

"My Future plans are to continue gaining experience in PR while utilizing my income to supplement my entrepreneurial endeavors. Right now, I own an operate an online cookie business called Iconic Dough Co.!"

Co-curricular/Involvement activities in college

"I was involved in Black student union, I was a NKU ROCKS mentor, an SGA senator, NPHC Treasurer, a member of the society of leadership and success, and a member of Order the Omega."

Favorite NKU Memory

"My Favorite NKU memory probably was meeting all my friends and developing forever-lasting relationships with the people I started at NKU with in the ROCKS program."

Advice for Students

"My advice for students would be to make sure they grow professionally in every way that they can but also make sure they are enjoying as much of what NKU offers as they can. You’re a student first, but live your life second."

Karen Seidler

Hannah Flynn

Graduating Year: 2018

Education: Majors in Electronic Media & Broadcasting & Communication Studies


"I currently am a A2 at ESPN. I am responsible for the upkeep of microphones and understanding our world wide audio system. I work on studio shows such as SportsCenter, NFL Live, Outside the Lines and many others. As a team we prepare our talent and crew. Along with studio shows it is our responsibility to work with ESPN's world wide audio equipment. We work with productions across the globe to televise sports to our fans."


Experimental Learning

"The opportunities available at NKU helped me develop the skill sets that I started to learn in college. I worked on campus doing NKU sporting events. Many of these events were televised and it was my first live television/sporting experience. The hands-on experience that NKU offers really sets its apart. This also gave me the opportunity to get one-on-one advice from professors who have been in this field. I took an internship at Florence Freedom and started as a Production Assistant at Local 12. Both of these jobs gave me the experience I needed and helped me apply everything I was learning in the classroom. I eventually got promoted at Local 12 and became one of their Master Control Operators."

Favorite NKU Memory

"I have a few favorite NKU memories but the one that sticks out the most would be my study abroad trip to London. I got to be apart of a 2-week study abroad trip with Dr. Yungbluth. Within this communications course we got to experience all sorts of sports. Going to Wimbledon, seeing Arsenal F.C. and Chelsea F.C. stadium, playing netball and countless other memories from that trip will always be something I will remember."

Advice for Students

"The main advice I would give is experience everything. Experience is one of the main aspects of a resume that will make you stand out. NKU has a number of resources that can be used if you take advantage of the moment and continue to find those moments. Professors at NKU are willing to teach you anything they can and its up to students to desire more then what is in the classroom."


Adam Ashley

Adam Ashley

Graduating Year: 2011

Education: Major in Public Relations, Minor in Theatre


"Adam Ashley is a PR Professional that has experience working across every aspect of the entertainment, lifestyle, non-profit and corporate PR spectrum; with a proven track record of securing key press hits, creating brand identity with media and audiences, positioning products and services as must-haves, influencing the influential, and providing unmatched client and consumer relations. 

Adam has helped launch some of the world’s most successful theatrical franchises by collaborating on projects with Universal Studios, Fox Entertainment, and Lionsgate; He’s created award campaign(s) for some of television’s most popular primetime and daytime programs; he has served as a unit publicist for over 20 major digital film releases; and has had clients featured in film festivals across the globe. In addition to his film work, Adam has proudly been a team member at Universal Music Group where he has helped build the brands of some of most successful Artist(s) on the planet. His philanthropic work can be seen in fundraising events for United Cerebral Palsy, The Recording Academy, and Love is Louder. 

Adam holds a B.A in Public Relations from Northern Kentucky University, and a M.A. in Arts Administration from University of Kentucky. He currently resides in Pasadena, CA where he continues work in the entertainment publicity industry."

NKU Memories

"Being selected to represent Northern Kentucky as a delegate for Public Relations Society America’s National Conference in Seattle and National Assembly in Orlando. This experience encouraged me to return home to create NKU’s first student led Public Relations firm. The firm secured clients across the region and offered discounted PR services to some of the Greater Cincinnati top brands."

Advice for Students

"Complete as many INTERNSHIPS as humanly possible. In Los Angeles, we start hiring interns in high school. If you have waited until college to start gaining experience in your desired field—then you’re already behind. Internships will give you the experience needed to achieve in the industry after graduating. JOIN AN ORGANIZATION at NKU. Remaining active in your chosen department will help you build confidence and a large network post-graduation. Lastly, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS in the worlds of the legendary Dolly Parton, .” Dreams are of no value, if they're not equipped with wings”. Let NKU and its faculty provide you with the tools to grow your wings so you can fly successfully in the world.