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Shape The Next Generation Of Nurse Practitioners By Joining the NKU Preceptor Community!

Help Shape the Next Generation of Nurse Practitioners by Giving Back to Your Profession

The role of the preceptor is an integral part of the clinical learning experience of our graduate students. Northern Kentucky University, Advanced Nurse Practitioner students are eager to learn from passionate, caring and engaged health care professionals. Northern Kentucky University values the time, commitment, and knowledge of our preceptors- we could not do this without you!


Preceptor works with a student

Upcoming Clinical Terms

Summer 1 May 6 - June 21
Summer 2 June 24 - August 9
Fall 1 August 19 - October 4
Fall 2 October 16- December 6

Become a Preceptor

Share your expertise and talents to help mentor current NP students by providing real-world learning opportunities within your practice.

Become familiar with the qualifications and required documentation to become a preceptor and access resources to best assist you in getting started as a preceptor.

In addition, your success as a preceptor is important to us. We want to provide a foundation for you to engage in purposeful interactions with our students in the clinical environment and have provided information to guide you in your role as a preceptor.