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A preceptor is an experienced individual whose goal is to help the student translate classroom knowledge into real-world application. We are always in need of preceptors like you, who are motivated to teach and share your expertise with the next generation of nurse practitioners! As such, to be a preceptor, individuals must meet certain requirements as outlined in the student handbook and below.


Preceptor Requirements


Before Precepting

  • Before a preceptorship can take place, each practice site must fill out an Affiliation Agreement. Both the practice site and NKU must finalize the agreement before the intended clinical term.
  • To start your preceptorship, we will need a copy of your CV/resume, license, and the completed preceptors' responsibilities forms.


Interested in Precepting?

If you are interested in becoming a preceptor for Northern Kentucky University MSN students or want to inquire more information, please contact us at