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The Preceptor of the Year Award is an annual award that honors preceptors who have demonstrated a committment to excellence in the clinical education of MSN students as a mentor and instructor.
Process for Determination
  • Preceptor must be an active NKU preceptor
  • Has positive interactions with students
  • Preceptor precepts on average 4 students per year
  • Committed to students through activities such as effective clinical teaching, mentoring, evaluation, and feedback
  • Continuous involvement and timely communication with the NKU Preceptor Management Team and Faculty
  • Displays extraordinary effort in his/her preceptorship, ex: the development of creative teaching methods, creating a unique student-centered learning environment, and initiating organization collaborations benefitting student experiences, especially those related to interprofessional care and practice
Submission Process

Preceptor candidates may be nominated by students, faculty, and nursing administration. If you wish to nominate a preceptor, click the button at the top of the page.

Required Documentation:

  • Preceptor name
  • Preceptor email
  • Nominator name/email (optional)
  • Reason for nomination

Deadline for Submission:

The deadline for submission is November 1st of the calendar year.

Submission Process

The Preceptor of the Year Award will be presented at the CHHS, School of Nursing College annual meeting in December.

For more information, please contact