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Office of Admissions

Services are provided Monday – Friday from 8:15 AM to 4:30 PM EST

Admissions representatives are available on the for walk in meetings on the 4th floor of the Lucas Administrative Center.

Our email is:

Our phone number is (859) 572-5220 or 1-800-637-9948 (toll free)


Looking for one of our Campus Partners?

Here is the contact information for other offices that help admit specific groups of students:


Office of Graduate Education: (859) 572-6364 or


Office of International Students and Scholar Services: (859) 572-6517 or



Admission information and credentials can be sent to:

Northern Kentucky University
Office of Admissions
Lucas Administrative Center
400 Nunn Drive
Highland Heights, KY 41099




Meet Our Staff

Jude Ampfer

Jude Ampfer, Communications and Technology Coordinator
(859) 572-5990

Jenna Fryer

Jenna Fryer, Welcome Center Manager
(859) 572-1485

Diana Hall

Diana Hall, Slate Analyst
(859) 572-5752

Image of Holly Hart

Holly Hart, Admissions Counselor
(859) 572-6688

Noah Long, Admissions Manager

Noah Long, Admissions Manager
(859) 572-5873

Quinton Marksberry

Quinton Marksberry, Admissions Counselor
(859) 572-4134

Karen Massengale

Karen Massengale, Admissions Specialist
(859) 572-1400

Undergraduate Director Logan Pendleton

Logan Pendleton, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
(859) 572-5744

Brielle Points, Campus Recruitment Liaison

Brielle Points, Campus Recruitment Liaison
(859) 572-6905

Brielle Points, Admissions Counselor

Aprile Redden, Associate Director of Operations and Events
(859) 572-7834

Hannah Schummer

Hannah Schummer, Associate Director of Outreach and Recruitment
(859) 572-7625

Aiden Smith

Aiden Smith, Admissions Counselor
(859) 572-7715

Jeremiah Weaver

Jeremiah Weaver, Admissions Manager of Out of State Recruitment
(859) 572-5750